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Emmanuel Oragui

Healthy minds creates healthy lives, however change is possible with the right support you are able to reach your goal.

To begin, what distinguishes me from other counselling services is that I have a pleasant aura that I bring into sessions, energy and authenticity are my strong points, and it's where I can strive to establish a road to a safe, positive atmosphere for each and every one of my clients.

This role that I have so much passion for has allowed me to recognise the value I bring to the community. I have extensive experience working with many different people ranging from young people to adults. There have been many provisions I have supported over the years that range from nurseries, primary schools, secondary and six forms, and is still a pleasure for me to be a part of.

I have gained valuable experience that has helped me grow to the best of my abilities, for which I am grateful, and what makes me happy is knowing that I can give back to the community I serve. As a specialist, I go above and beyond daily to support those in need. The qualifications I've gained aim to support an individual’s emotional needs regardless of the nature of their experiences.


I obtained an Advance Diploma in Psychotherapy Counselling Skills and a Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice qualifications to support my client’s needs and I am further on the pursuit for more knowledge and understanding as I see the importance of enhancing myself by striving in every way possible to be the best version I can be.

I am qualified with people experiencing:


Anger management



Binge eating

Bipolar disorder

Domestic violence

Drug Addiction

Alcohol addiction

Emotional abuse

Family issues

Feeling sad

Generalised anxiety disorder

Hearing voices


low self-confidence

Low self-esteem

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Panic attacks

Passive aggressive behaviour

Personality disorder


Post-traumatic stress disorder

Postnatal depression


Seasonal depression

Self harm

Separation and divorce




Suicidal thoughts

Trauma and work-related stress


Range of the seven types of depression states (low - mild)

Social anxiety

Weight loss


Self esteem


Relationship issues





Commutation issues

Relationship issues

Work related issues

Sexual/dysfunctional issues

Sexual addiction

Financial abuse

Environmental abuse

Sexual abuse

Neglect abuse

Physical abuse

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