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create Your Pathway
To A Better Future

Welcome. You are on your way to your first step.
I hope my service will help you understand my integral approach
and explain what you can expect in therapy.

I believe in talking therapy as it can make the

difference to one’s wellbeing. Emotional difficulties

don’t discriminate which anybody can suffer at one time or another,

but can be supported in many ways, and once done,

you can live the future the way you always wanted to.

Everyone has circumstances that are different
so, I consider everybody’s situation sincerely
and offer the best help as possible.


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What exactly is it that we do in counselling and psychotherapy?
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Who should participate in therapy?

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Counselling and psychotherapy provide you with with an environment that is secure, confidential, and free from judgement, in which you can talk about your relationships, behaviours, and most private thoughts and feelings with an experienced professional who is not going to pass judgement on you. It does not seek to offer you solutions; rather, it seeks to help you explore difficult feelings and recognise unhelpful recurring patterns in thinking and relating in order to assist you in making sense of things and better understanding yourself.


It takes courage to take that first step in acknowledging that you need help and to speak openly about your issues, because it can be challenging to reflect on difficult thoughts, emotions, and events - both in the past and in the present.


Talk therapy, on the other hand, can help alleviate emotional pain, improve relationships, and adjust harmful habits and behaviours.

The events of our past, particularly those that occurred when we were young, play a significant role in shaping not only how we act, but also how we relate to other people. From a young age, we begin to form coping mechanisms that teach us how to interact with the outside world and how to deal with troubling emotions and occurrences.

The psychodynamic and psychoanalytic approach attempts to recognise recurring patterns in behaviour and relationships, and it provides assistance in comprehending the sources from which these patterns stem. By bringing what is unconscious to the surface, we can give meaning to these repetitions and work towards creating new patterns of thinking, behaviour, and relating, that are more helpful.

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The approach based on psychodynamics and psychoanalysis

There are many different motivations that bring people to therapy. Some of them may have already arrived at a turning point in their lives or be on the verge of reaching that point. Others may have been dealing with troubling emotions for an extended period, others may simply want a space for self-reflection to try to figure out what it is that makes them tick.

Every person brings a distinct account of their life, making the therapeutic process that they undergo with their therapist a one of a kind.


What happens next?

Please contact me either by using the contact sheet, leaving a voicemail or sending me an email.


I will get in touch for a brief chat and we will arrange a date and time for an initial consultation.

What can I expect from our sessions?

A session lasts 50 minutes and takes place on the same day and time each week. We may also feel that more than one session a week would be beneficial for you.


You are free to talk about whatever you want and together, we will think about the material you bring within therapy in order to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you relate to others.

How much do you charge?

My fees are £60 per session. I offer reduced fees by negotiation for those on low incomes.

You can search for me on the BACP website - BACP Logo - 400654

Location: (Online Zoom & In person)

Booking appointments

Initial Consultation


This enables you to discuss your hopes and intentions in therapy.


You will be able to get a sense of how I work, bring up any questions or concerns, what brought you to therapy, and discuss how you would like us to collaborate.


I provide online video, and telephone phone counselling.


I offer long-term, short-term, therapy and together we can decide what best suits your needs.

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